GPS Error: 900 Miles

At the Naval Academy, a Sailor buys a ticket to fly home to San Jose. Except he gets on an airplane to San José, Costa Rica. He then (from what I heard second-hand) had to fly home from Costa Rica.

But his mental boner does not match Sabine Moreau, who drove from Hainault Erquelinnes, Belgium to Zagreb in Croatia. Her trip was supposed to be 93 miles, but she drove 900. The culprit, her GPS. Bad Tom Tom!

Dancing Croats

In Zagreb, if you are a soldier, you don’t tread on the red carpet:

Heinz Fischer? I could joke about the 56 Fischers who came before him, but once again, I will exercise my steely self-control. And not. (Don’t get the joke? Clicky here.)