Typed Art and Junk Art

Let’s delve into some non-traditional art. This first artist gets type-cast a lot:

Keira Rathbone Typewriter Art of Christy Turlington

Meet Keira Rathbone, an artist who is most famously known for her amazing typewriter art.

The creative London artist makes detailed drawings on a typewriter she bought from a Poole charity shop. Typing out  hundreds of letters, numbers and symbols in place of brush strokes and pixels results in beautiful enigmatic images. On average, she spends 90 hours on each typewriter-produced drawing.

However, it doesn’t mean she can’t draw with a regular pencil – vintage typewriter is just one of Keira’s mediums to create her art.

And the second has been accused of being junky:

Zac Freeman Junk Portrait

Looked at from up close, Zac Freeman’s artworks look like common piles of junk, but take a few steps back and you’ll discover amazingly detailed portraits.

You know that stuff most of us throw away after a while, things like old buttons, LEGO bricks, keyboard keys? That’s exactly the kind of material Zac Freeman uses to create his unbelievable portraits.

He began gathering junk and found objects in 1992, and started gluing them to pieces of wood, creating various portraits.

Both genres require talent; the artists are not just publicity hounds. Would I buy it or hang it in my home? Hmm, probably not. But it is interesting, no?