Sigma Lens for Sale

Do you need a camera lens for your Canon? I found this ad intriguing for several reasons:

Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG Macro HSM II for Canon

It has been well taken care of, kept in a Tamrac camera bag during ownership and rarely used. The lens is great on a crop sensor, I used it with the 60D and with the 5D mk3. I’ve never noticed anything negative about it, auto focus is fast even in lower light. I compared it to a Canon 70-200 f2.8 L IS and this is sharper than the L version. It is not my main lens so it is ok to sell, I have some serious emergency expenses and do not have a choice about selling it. It is in mint condition. Feel free to test it.

Also, if you know any of the highly respectable Yakuza who would like to make a small loan, please have them contact me directly. I was robbed by the police in shinjuku and need to raise emergency money.

Hmm, nevermind. The lens would have worked for me, but I am allergic to drama.

Yakuza Snack Club

Redemption is one of life’s great gifts. And the story of former Yakuza toughie Tatsuya Shindo, who runs a Japanese “snack” club called June Bride, is among the better examples I’ve heard of it:

June Bride’s proprietor is Tatsuya Shindo, and he is not a barman. From the age of 20, Shindo peddled stimulants in and around Tokyo for a gangster family under the nationwide Sumiyoshi-kai yakuza syndicate. After several stints in jail, he decided to start offering something else entirely: the gospel.

Tatsuya Shindo

“I know how bad I was and the bad things I have done,” says Shindo, 39, thin-framed and sporting a devilish bit of chin stubble. “At the same time, I know how much I was forgiven by God. So I wanted to engage myself in God’s work.”

Now, inside this converted bar, the former gangster presides over the Friends of Sinners Jesus Christ Church, where he takes the pulpit and preaches to former troublemakers on the mend. “They are seeking divine intervention,” says Shindo, a Kawaguchi native, of his congregants. “They want God to help them with their problems.”

I suppose the cynic would look askew at Tatsuya. So be it. He need not care.