Xi Jinping Kiboshes the Dim Sum

Bad news for all of you in the Chinese military, the diktat has cancelled those tasty banquets y’all like so much. No more kung pow chicken, no more pot-stickers:

China has banned senior military officers from holding alcohol- fuelled banquets or from staying in luxury hotels when on work trips in the latest move by Communist Party chief Xi Jinping to fight corruption, state media reported on Saturday.

Receptions will also no longer feature welcome banners, red carpets, flowers, honour guards, performances or souvenirs, the powerful Central Military Commission, which Xi oversees, has decreed, major newspapers reported.

Officers will have to cut back on both the number and length of inspection tours, overseas visits, meetings and reports, according to the new rules.

Speakers at meetings should avoid “empty talk”, while the use of vehicles equipped with sirens will be “rigorously controlled during official visits in order to prevent public disturbances”.

You win some and you dim sum. Only if you’re PRC military, you will not dim sum for free.

Furniture Blogging Gary Locke, Tim Geithner, and Xi Jinping

What in the jumping jehosaphat is going on here:

Gary Locke, Tim Geithner, and Xi Jinping

Okay, I get it. They are modeling marshmallow furniture. No? I had better read the caption:

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (C) and U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke (L) meet with Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing

What are they sitting on? Sort of a Little Miss Muffet meets the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland?

The Caterpillar, Alice in Wonderland

But with a Tea Party feel?

Tea Party

Oooops, not that Tea Party. This Tea Party:

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

(Please do not discuss this other Tea Party which I was not invited to, harumph):

Johnny Depp, Michelle Obama, President Obama, Tim Burton, and the kids, White House Alice in Wonderland Party

Of course, Gary, Tim, and Xi have slightly larger chairs:

Lily Tomlin

Well, not quite that grande/venti. These are Tea Party chairs:

Tea Party Chair

Just don’t forget the back support:

Marshmallow Mattress

Furniture blogging, it’s not only for couch potatoes. . .