Queens AK-47

Queens AK-47
Queens AK-47

The number one trending story on Yahoo right now is Queens AK-47.

I see it and think to myself, what would Queen Elizabeth want with an AK?

Whoops, scratch that. Queens, New York:

A Queens mom who hoped to see her teen son become a marine biologist instead saw him Saturday in the morgue.

Xavier Granville, 17, was gunned down by a pair of ski-masked gunmen — one toting an AK-47 assault rifle — after a late-night party in Far Rockaway, police sources said.

“My son didn’t deserve to go out like this,” said a distraught Shakira Granville after identifying the body of her only child. “The pain I feel. I’m just in shock.”

Ah, the pain no mother wants to go through. Standby for gun control tripe from el Mayor. Even though I doubt the punks who shot Xavier had the gun legally.