One Loud Hilton Hotel

Part of being in the Navy involves traveling. Another part of the Navy sometimes involves drinking. Since I don’t do the latter, when the former occurs, I end up being the designated driver. I like being social, so I hang around just until the night vaguely teeters towards silliness and then I leave. (Of course, I make sure everyone is back at the hotel.)

We always end up staying at one particular Hilton in DC. I know all the staff, know what their kids are up to, and even email the manager when I want a room. It is a good situation we have. (Although with the tight travel budget, my office no longer travels. Which is fine.)

On one wild night, I was awoken at two in the morning by the sound of shrieking coming from the courtyard below. Unfortunately, I recognized the voice as one of the office ladies who I work with. (She was laughing like a hyena at a joke.) I wrapped a pillow around my ears and tried to sleep. In the morning (and every month or so) I remind the shrieker of her drunken yells. She now (two years later) tries to deny it was her. But the advantage of being the one sober one? You remember.

Another guy staying at another Hilton (named walterwhitmanwhite on reddit) actually heard some commotion at two in the morning, but thought nothing of it. He awoke to bullets scattered around his room:

Imagine you’re sleeping in a hotel bed and you’re woken up by a loud noise. You get up in a groggy and disoriented state and assume it’s coming from the guests on the floor above, so you go back to sleep. You wake in the morning to discover that your hotel room is riddled with bullet holes and you’re probably lucky to be alive.

That was reality for one man who checked into a Hilton hotel in Phoenix, Ariz. on Thursday. Reddit user “walterwhitmanwhite” posted several photos of the aftermath on Reddit Friday morning in a post titled, “I nearly got shot last night and I didn’t even know it.” The photos, which show shattered glass, peppered drywall and even a spent bullet by his bedside, are incredible:

walterwhitmanwhite at the Hiton Hotel with bullet holes
walterwhitmanwhite at the Hiton Hotel with bullet holes

Moral of the story: avoid Hilton Hotels at two in the morning.