Video Game Gets Seven SEALs NJP?

NJP stands for non-judicial punishment and it is a way for a commander to assess smaller than court-martial penalties against a Sailor. We call it either Captain’s Mast or Admiral’s Mast in the Navy depending on the rank of the senior presiding over the action. And apparently, seven members of SEAL Team 6 went through NJP proceedings for assisting in the development of a video game:

Seven members of the secretive Navy SEAL Team 6, including one involved in the Usama bin Laden raid, have been punished for allegedly disclosing classified information, two senior military officials tell Fox News.

They were accused for their role working as paid consultants for a video game company producing “Medal of Honor: Warfighter.” The official says four other SEALs are under investigation for similar alleged disclosures, but are still on active duty.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter, made with help from Navy SEAL Team 6 members

The seven received what the military calls “nonjudicial” punishment on Wednesday. They were given letters of reprimand, which is often, but not exclusively, a career ending punishment — it depends on the commander’s discretion and whether or not he chooses to make it part of the offender’s permanent service record. In addition, the seven SEALs were made to forfeit half their pay for two months.

The deputy commander of Naval Special Warfare Command, Rear Adm. Garry Bonelli, issued a statement acknowledging that nonjudicial punishments had been handed out for misconduct, but he did not offer any details.

Okay, so someone is not reporting the news right. Seven were punished, but they were already out of the Navy? And four are about to be punished, but they are active-duty? If you are retired or have left active-duty, an NJP means nothing to you. I think the writer of this article mixed up the four and the seven. The active-duty guys were NJP’d. I am not sure what exactly they do to retirees or Sailors who have left the Navy traitorously early. (For all those who have served, I am only kidding with the traitor label. Thanks for your service. We need service-members who do four year hitches. Not everyone should do twenty. We would have no room for everyone to serve. And we would be very top-heavy.)