Richard Rogala Wants USS Pueblo Back

The USS Pueblo incident remains a shameful piece of US history. Essentially, the ship was captured by the North Koreans back in ’68, and is still listed as a commissioned U.S. Navy vessel:

A Sarasota man who spent 11 months in captivity in North Korea wants to bring his Navy ship back to the U.S. from behind enemy lines.

Richard Rogala served aboard the USS Pueblo when it was captured in 1968. He was released, but the Pueblo wasn’t — it’s still in North Korea.

Rogala is part of a group of Pueblo veterans who want the ship to come home.

The Pueblo is still listed as a commissioned U.S. Navy vessel, the only one being held by a foreign nation.

Yes, the DPRKs have it. No, we never bothered to bomb it.