What a Navy Guy Says After an Election Like That

The very nature of elections, with all the state and local folks (if your area is lucky enough to have folks, rather than politicians) running, is that you may, in some way, be disappointed. Throw in the presidential race and the measures, propositions up for votes, and this only increases the odds you’ll be blue ’bout something. Quite frankly, I am rubbed wrong on a number of issues. Disappointed not about everything, but certain votes; big or small, my business, which I shall keep anonymous.

But this fact remains- I believe in America, I believe in the West. We’ve a country, a way of thinking that rivals, if not outcompetes, anything out there. And to this idea, I cling. I have no other choice. Perhaps I am the man lolling down whatever the river’s called before the Niagara Falls. (Niagara River? I have never heard of that waterway if so.) Perhaps we’re all in the inner-tube together. That we are one wave away from going over the wet drop. I surely hope not. I consider myself a realist. That whatever challenges curve ahead of us, we will shoulder them. And the country or state or town may not be on the path I would choose, but it is on the road the majority have chosen. And I respect all Americans, however temporarily blinded they may be.

There is a sadness, somewhat, not in the winners of the offices, but in the choices of celebrities who have outed themselves as rabidly against my chosen candidates, propositions, or measures. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to never again spend a dollar in support of any project they are involved. Yes, we live in capitalistic society and yes, I am voting with my dollar. I’ve turned a blind eye at times to go to a movie featuring an actor or actress outspoken in his or her beliefs. No longer will that be the case. The public made you rich and the opposite can be true. You want to graphitti the internet with how you view the world, I support withholding the very dollars that bought you that venomous spraypaint.

Sure, I am one guy. And even though I think I make a lot of money, it still is very little. Small enough to be considered just above the lower-middle class according to the geniuses here. And my money will never be spent towards those who made public their disrespect. (Irony, it lives. I’ve been humming a song tonight by an artist quite extreme in his political views. Copperhead Road. . .)

My selfish worry is about the Navy. I can only be taxed to a certain point. I’ll always probably (maybe, hopefully) have money to take home. But what becomes the Navy? If need be, I’ll take a permanent pay freeze. With the only raise coming as an advancement in rank. This requires no thought. None at all. I think I speak for a lot of guys in uniform. That if personnel pay is a high ticket item, we can surely shoulder a slight reduction. What about ships? Could we not save the Big E from the mothball fleet? The USS Enterprise would save the cost of a new carrier and I’ve heard stories about her capabilities in her prime that boggled my mind.

Should us military guys take on these burdens, other folks need to as well. Starting with welfare recipients. It should not be a generational situation. When I read of three consecutive generations of one family on welfare, I shudder. That, to me, is (chosen) slavery. You are captive, hook, line and lots of sinker, to the government. I too, am in a relationship with the government, and I deploy at her whim, but it’s not akin to slavery.

I had better stop. I’ve all sorts of opinions (on every item in the budget), yet I always endeavor, with varying rates of success, to be apolitical here. I have a shemagh near my computer that I tie over my eyes when I start writing about a balanced budget, tort reform, immigration, or term limits. And women’s issues. Which don’t exist, not in a feminine vacuum as such. All issues we share- do we not have sisters, wives, and mothers? There are no such men’s issues. And spending! All this spending is giving drunken sailors good names. Ach, there I go again. I know this is a vanilla post, with traces perhaps of pecan praline. I really wanted to write something about the rocky road we are on, but it is not my place.

Remember: if you sing songs for a living, I don’t care your political opinion. And if you are blue about the election, think of Canada.

The Navy Can Lose Us the War

The Navy can lose us the war, but only the Air Force can win it. Therefore our supreme effort must be to gain overwhelming mastery in the Air. The Fighters are our salvation . . . but the Bombers alone provide the means of victory. . . . In no other way at present visible can we hope to overcome the immense military power of Germany.

— Prime Minister Winston Churchill, memorandum for the Cabinet, 3 September 1940.

The Many Hatted Iranian General Ataollah Salehi

Iranian Army Chief Ataollah Salehi Wears a Ski Jump

Remember how General Ataollah Salehi warned us not to return to the Persian Arabian Gulf?

The USS Stennis had just steamed through the Hormuz. And then the Tehran-us Rex General had a couple of things to say. My boots, I quaked in them:

The response followed Iranian Army Chief Ataollah Salehi’s warning Tuesday that “the enemy’s carrier” not be allowed to return through the Gulf passage.

“I advise, recommend and warn them (the Americans) over the return of this carrier to the Persian Gulf because we are not in the habit of warning more than once,” the semi-official Fars news agency reportedly stated.

General Ataollah Salehi

Salehi did not get specific on action to be taken or a carrier to heed warning, but the USS John C Stennis passed through the Strait of Hormuz in the days prior to the Iranian war games en route to help with the war effort in Afghanistan.

It is now in the Northern Arabian Sea somewhere between Oman and Pakistan.

Yikes, so the Stennis should not return. How about our other carriers? And what’s up, Ataollah, with your wacky headgear? Nice looks, but they are little ’09ish. . .

Duck-billed General Ataollah Salehi

As for our carriers, what about the newest and shiniest? The USS Gerald Ford. It’s got some balls bells, a few whistles:

Currently being assembled in Newport News, Virginia, the Ford-class will replace the Nimitz-class carriers and will include an array of new technology:

  • Advanced arresting gear used to grab planes as they land on the deck.
  • Automation, which reduces crew requirements by several hundred from the Nimitz class carrier.
  • The updated RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow missile system.
  • AN/SPY-3 dual-band radar (DBR), as developed for Zumwalt class destroyers.
USS Gerald R. Ford, Straits of Hormuz bound?
  • An Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) in place of traditional steam catapults for launching aircraft.
  • A new nuclear reactor design (the A1B reactor) for greater power generation.
  • Stealthier features to help reduce radar profile.
  • The ability to launch the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, EA-18G Growler, and the F-35C Lightning II.
General Salehi Celebrates A Denver Broncos Touchdown!

Hey Ataollah, hows’ about this Ford Fairlane launching carrier? Fearsome, eh? Not only can we launch F-18s, F-35s, we can throw Detroit’s finest at you!

Note: no links are provided for fashion-plate Ataollah Salehi’s pics. Some websites were on the shady side. (“Official News of the Republic.”) Like that day-old shwarma sandwich you forgot to refrigerate. And while I don’t mind traipsing around those places, I would not suggest you do. Hypocrisy, thy name is blogger. Yes, and?

Note II: Can I entertain you with two of the hatted one’s greatest hits?

-The enemy has gone insane and given the insane enemy’s history, we should always be prepared.

-The Iranian nation will observe that we will manufacture the largest destroyer and the most advanced submarines in the region. Mass production of fighter jets, the samples of which were unveiled last year (2008), and plans to manufacture vessels and submarines will be on our agenda in the new (Iranian) year (started 20 March.)

Yeah yeah. Vessels, subs. Destroyers. What about some new headgear? Something casual, but classy. Like a Kangol. No? Okay, then how about answering this question: why does your boy Chief of Iran’s Armed Forces, General Hasan Firouzabadi, wear a hat flatter than a pancake, while you rock the ski jump?

General Ataollah Salehi, Chief of Iran’s Armed Forces, General Hasan Firouzabadi, Revolutionary Guard commander Mohammad Ali Jafari

Inquiring skulls, they want to know. . .