Navy-Marine Corps Classic, Not a Classic

The first Navy-Marine Corps classic was cancelled last night after the court on the USS Bataan became too slippery for Florida and Georgetown:

There were 3,500 fans at Mayport Naval Station and the game was being broadcast live on NBC Sports Network. Roughly 1,000 military personnel were in attendance. The game tipped off at 9:15 p.m. and was called at 10:38.

Florida led 27-23 at halftime in a season opener that will not count in the record books. The game will not be made up, and the stats will not count. After the 20-minute halftime ended, city and game officials huddled with Florida coach Billy Donovan and Georgetown coach John Thompson III near midcourt. After meeting for 10 minutes while the players warmed up, the game was called.

The crowd was told over the public address system that the game was over. Both coaches then spoke to the fans over a microphone.

The Navy-Marine Corps Classic basketball game was played aboard the deck of the USS Bataan.

“It’s dangerous down here,” Thompson told the crowd.

Donovan voiced his concerns as well while speaking to the fans.

“This is very disappointing,” Donovan said. “The floor is just too wet, and we don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

Another game aboard a naval vessel was canceled earlier in the day because of court condensation. Ohio State and Marquette were scheduled to play aboard the USS Yorktown in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

“I never noticed anything in the first half,” Florida junior forward Erik Murphy said. “I never slipped. I noticed a couple times when play was stopped kids were drying the court, but I didn’t think anything of it. When we came out for warm-ups it still seemed OK, but if you look at the floor now, they made the right decision.”

Ah, next year. You gotta protect your athletes. Sailors don’t have to work on hardwood, we have non-skid.

Hoopin’ Navy Ships

Remember the Carrier Classic, that basketball game between the University of North Carolina and Michigan State on the USS Vinson? Standby for the Navy/Marine Corps Classic, between the Florida Gators* and the Georgetown Hoyas. To be played on the USS Bataan, a fine Navy Gator. (Gator is slang for an amphib.) On Nov. 9, in Mayport.

USS Bataan: Georgetown Hoyas Vs Florida Gators

More naval hoops, this time on the Midway:

Syracuse is facing San Diego State aboard the decommissioned carrier Midway in San Diego Harbor (with a TV deal, even), and Ohio State will face Marquette on the decommissioned carrier Yorktown off Charleston, S.C.

I’ve walked the Midway and the Yorktown. Proud ships, both.

* In the interest of displaying my steely self-control, I’m not pointing out the obvious Florida Gator/Navy Gator reference. . .

Butterfinger ARG Vs. US Navy ARG

What’s this freakin’ Butterfinger ARG business? Yahoo has a post with the below title and
I’m getting real hot around the aquaflage:

New Butterfinger ARG signals the end of the world

Butterfinger has no business stepping into the ARG world. You wanna see a real ARG?

The Bataan Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) is underway in formation in the Atlantic Ocean. The 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, deployed aboard the ships of the Bataan ARG, is serving as the theater reserve force for U.S. European Command.

Butterfinger’s ARG is centered around some game named Barmageddon. Don’t you lay a finger on my Navy, Butterfinger!

What Does a Woman Want?

The great question that has never been answered,
and which I have not yet been able to answer,
despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul,
is “What does a woman want?Sigmund Freud