Hey Pirates, Beware of Anthony Sharp of Typhon!

I will read any article titled: This Tech Entrepreneur Is About to Launch the Blackwater of the High Seas. The techie is Anthony Sharp and his company is called Typhon:

Anthony Sharp of Typhon, a new private security firm
Anthony Sharp of Typhon, a new private security firm

Anthony Sharp, a 50-year-old veteran of tech startups, grew up with a love for ships. On February 7, he’ll turn that boyhood affection into what might be the first private navy since the 19th century. Sharp’s newest company, Typhon, will offer a fleet of armed ex-Royal Marines and sailors to escort commercial ships through pirate-infested waters. In essence, Typhon wants to be the Blackwater of the sea, minus the stuff about accidentally killing civilians.

Sharp thinks the market is ripe for Typhon, a company named for a monster out of Greek myth. Budget cuts are slicing into the wallets of the militaries that provide protection from pirates. The conflicts and weak governments that incubate piracy in places like Somalia persist. “Maritime crime is growing at the same time that navies are shrinking,” Sharp tells Danger Room by telephone from the U.K. “The policemen are going off the beat.” Sharp thinks that creates a potent opportunity for the fleet he’s buying.

The policemen are going off the beat? Hey, not so fast. We are still out here!