Herman Wouk, Stir-Fry Genius

When was someone gonna tell me that Herman Wouk was still writing? And publishing? He is 96 years old and his book, The Lawgiver, is headed to a bookstore or Kindle near you. The salacious details:

Herman Wouk, The Lawgiver

The author of “The Caine Mutiny,” ”The Winds of War” and other classics has a new novel and has switched publishers after decades with Little, Brown and Co.

Wouk’s “The Lawgiver” is coming out this fall from Simon & Schuster.

It’s the story of a planned movie about Moses, complete with references to Skype and Twitter.

Moses and Twitter, wow. You do, of course, realize that Herman is a Shipmate:

Herman Wouk, Winds of War

Wouk joined the United States Navy and served in the Pacific Theater, an experience he later characterized as educational; “I learned about machinery, I learned how men behaved under pressure, and I learned about Americans.”

Wouk served as an officer aboard two destroyer- minesweepers (DMS), the USS Zane and USS Southard, becoming executive officer of the latter.

He started writing a novel, Aurora Dawn, during off-duty hours aboard ship. Wouk sent a copy of the opening chapters to Irwin Edman who quoted a few pages verbatim to a New York editor. The result was a publisher’s contract sent to Wouk’s ship, then off the coast of Okinawa.

When querried about his longevity, Mr. Wouk was heard to have rasped:
stir-fry, young man, lots and lots o’ stir-fry. . .