Joining the World’s Finest Navy©

Over the years, as most folks in uniform will echo, I’ve been approached by civilians asking for help getting their friend, family member, or (even) neighbor into the military. Currently, I have three recruits that I am assisting in their initial efforts.

Two are brothers, both in high school. They come from a poorer Mexican family and I work with their female cousin at my current command. Both her husband and her are well-off and want to see something come out of her cousins’ life. And the Navy fits that bill in her eyes.

So I wrote ’em up an email describing Navy ratings, ASVAB, and recruiter tips. I offered to go to the recruiting station with them. Or to talk them through the process. That was ten days ago, with nil heard yet. We shall see. In the meantime, I swing by her desk to ask about her cousins, all the while trying to work on my Spanglish. I have learned two cousins is not: dos cocinasdos cachondas, dos coosuenas, or dos cochinitos. I forget the real word for it, dos primos or something?

Today, near quittin’ time, a new girl stopped by my desk to chat about her brother. He is 18 years old and has had some drug issues. Crystal meth. But from back when he was a juvenile. He has been clean for six months. Do you think you can help him out? I have my doubts, but I emailed my Chief buddy to see what the story is about crystal meth. I also recycled my email to the dos cocinas and sent it to her to give to her brother. If the pictures are to be believed, meth is a nasty drug that steals your soul. Since my major abuse issue is the inability to shake my nasty burrito habit, I have no experience with tweakers (the phrase for the people who smoke crystal meth.)

I wish them all well and fully respect anyone who casts their lot in with the World’s Finest Navy©. We are one small step up from pirates and we revel in it. More to follow on these recruits. It is a tough time to be ajoining the military, and we don’t give away aquaflage for free. But if their heart is in it, they will get in.

Update- Here is the email I sent to my co-worker with the two cousins:

Hi ******,

Great to hear that your two cousins are interested in the Navy! Some good information for them to consider:

-There are many jobs in the Navy, they should start to consider the fields they would want to work in. Here is a link on getting started on the Navy path. And here are the job fields. I am partial to CTs (linguists, signal collectors, signal equipment maintainers, computer network techs, etc), but it depends on their likes and strengths.

-The Enlisted Navy recruiter can be found here. (I inputted 92110 for the area code.) It lists the address as: 940 University Ave, Ste 200 in San Diego, CA 92103 (Telephone: 619-220-5800.) I would be glad to go down to the recruiter with them. (Or chat with them before they go.) I’ve done it before several times with folks.

-A ROTC scholarship, which pays for college and a small stipend, can be found here.

-First, they will need to take the ASVAB. There are great study materials available at Amazon.

My personal email is cc’d above. I am also cc’ing *******. She has a great perspective, considering she is a LCDR and has been in the Navy for some time. Feel free to tell your cousins to email me. I will make myself available for any support they require. . .