Troy Landry from Swamp People Sez: Choot ‘Em!

Dayum, I shoulda been a swamp person! I can’t pry myself away from the television when the show is on. And this week’s episode had two of Troy Landry’s sons, Chase Landry and Jacob out together. And they brought home a monster:

Day three of the month-long alligator season in Louisiana finds the hunters working at a frantic pace to fill their tags. King of the Swamp, Troy Landry and Master hunter, Junior Edwards are following identical strategies; by putting their sons on a second boat with a specific mission: Catch Big Gators.

Swamp People- Jacob Landry and Troy Landry

It’s a mission the new captains won’t find easy to fulfill. Meanwhile, in Myrtle Grove, Joe LaFont and his stepson Tommy are back on the water. With more tags than ever this season, they’re on track to make big bucks until… Joe sustains a potentially season-ending injury. In Bayou Pigeon, newcomers Austyn and Blake are trying to earn their way into the alligator business a few tags at a time. With five tags in hand, they set out to prove to their buyer that they are the next generation of swamp legends.

Troy and the boyz have their own website, called appropriately enough, Choot ‘Em!

From the Louisiana Atchafaylaya Basin Swamps to national television is your favorite Swamp People, The Landry Gang. Troy Landry along with his sons Jacob and Chase and family friend Clint together make up this alligator hunting team!

Choot ’em! Clint, Troy (in his lucky shirt), Jacob, and Chase Landry

Heck, all the Landry’s have their own Facebook pages. And ol’ Troy has more likes than most of the Presidential candidates. Someone even called for him to run. Troy for Prez!