Uniform Check

I had a brief this afternoon, right after lunch. Sixty (mostly military) folks from commands all over, in town for an overview of my office. I give both the general brief and the specifics of my small shop. I am one of about fifteen briefers for the day. Ten minutes before go-time, I decide to swing by the head to make sure I look presentable. Haircut, a quarter-inch, not a hair off. Gig-line, perfect. Shirt, pressed. Trousers, a crease you could shave with. One last look, hey! What is a drop of lunch doing right above my ribbons? Good thing I checked. The Navy was brilliant in picking khaki as its uniform color. I’ve spilled more coffee on me than I’ve gotten down my thirsty gullet. Note to self: a quick uniform once-over is required before all presentations. You never know where or when a Navy inspection is going to happen.