Military Meals Ready to Eat

Soldiers, Warriors, Doctors, Pilots, Nurses, Marines, Sailors, Mechs, Yeoman, all y’all, we got some good grub incoming. New meals, almost ready to eat:

Food scientists at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center near Boston look to Applebee’s, TGI Friday’s and other popular chain eateries for inspiration in their quest to provide warfighters the kind of food they’d seek out at home if they weren’t deployed, explained Jeremy Whitsitt, technology integration analyst for the center’s Department of Defense combat feeding directorate.

I have a high-tolerance for lousy food and some MRE items were all but inedible. Of course, I was not being shot at when I ate them. That might change matters.

In other military news, it appears the Army is considering injecting soldiers with extra fat?

Just last week, military brass vowed that the force of the future would be “smaller and leaner.” Apparently, the Army’s taking that pretty damn literally. They want smaller, leaner soldiers. Their best idea to do it? Give GIs transplants of extra fat cells.

Seriously. In the Army’s latest round of small-business research awards, they’ve green-lit a proposal to manufacture transplantable brown fat cells, all in an effort to catalyze rapid weight loss.

Portlier soldiers, you might recall, are turning into a major dilemma for top brass. An estimated 75 percent of today’s young Americans are either too fat, too sickly or too dumb to serve.

The Army’s even overhauled their fitness program, in part to accommodate softer recruits, by swapping long runs and grueling drills for yoga and calisthenics. . .

And civilian companies have already taken note: One Boston company, Ember Therapeutics, recently raised $34 million in capital funding to investigate pharmaceuticals that’d convert white fat to brown.

Um, no thanks. I’ll do it the old-fashioned way. Exercise. . .

Hand Salute: America’s First Sergeant for the fatty link.