50 Cent Disrespects the Marine Corps

There are so many things wrong with rapper 50 Cent wearing a Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant’s uniform and a naval officer’s cover that I won’t bother pointing them all out:

50 Cent, Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant or Naval Officer?

You might want to read what the good folks over at the Terminal Lance forum have to say. (Caution: Sailors and Marines can get a little salty in their wordage, be warned. . . )

My Name is Maybe

Terminal Lance

Ohio’s America’s Sergeant Major sent me a link to Terminal Lance, the blog of a Marine who takes that Call Me Maybe video to task. And it is not pretty. . .

Just go visit their blogs, wouldja?

Marines can drive Sailors crazy, almost enough to buy Michael Kubek’s thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) nasal spray.