Expensive Bacon

Yahoo has a headline that reads:

Bacon masterpiece nets £21 million at London auction

And I think, wow! Now that is some expensive bacon. 

Wrong. The bacon was actually Bacon. Francis Bacon. The artist:

A painting by Irish-born artist Francis Bacon has been sold at Christie’s in London for £21.3m (€25.36m).

The Portrait of Henrietta Moraes had been in the hands of a private collector for 30 years and unseen in public for 15 years.

Francis Bacon’s Portrait Of Henrietta Moraes sold for 21 million pounds at Christie’s

The price exceeded expectations, making the painting the second most valuable work of post-war contemporary art ever sold at the auction house, behind another Bacon work, Triptych, which sold in 2008 for just over £26.3m (€31.3m).

Here is the link where I got the above picture of Francis “Crispy” Bacon’s art. The site is in a Scandinavian language. Like Swedish.

It’s nothing to write home about, the painting. More lousy, fake art. But that other bacon has got me thinking about a BLT masterpiece.