A Minneapolis High School Race War?

Food fights, are they fun or are they dangerous? They are fun if playful and they are dangerous if they turn into an all-out brawl like what occurred at South High School, when the school divided along race and religion lines:

A food fight quickly turned into a brawl involving hundreds of students at a Minneapolis high school on Thursday, forcing police to use chemical spray to break up the melee. Students are saying the melee was the result of tensions between 8 percent of students who are Somali Muslims and the 20 percent who are African Americans.

“I know it’s a pride thing between Muslims and black people,” student Symone Glasker said. “They want their pride back for something. I don’t know.”

Four people were taken to hospitals with minor injuries, including a staff member who was hit in the head with a bottle, according to the school and police.

The 15-minute fracas broke out during lunchtime at South High School. No weapons were used, but about 200 to 300 students were involved, Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. Bill Palmer said.

Stan Alleyne, the Minneapolis Public Schools chief of communications, praised the school’s diversity following the incident.

“South is a very diverse high school…It is a microcosm of the city. Students function together at a high level every day. That is the strength of this school. Our students live diversity every day,” he said.

Stan, you may want to stop dividing the school along diversity lines. Can we not think of everyone as Americans?