Darby’s Rangers, Пулеметы со скрипом задвигались

Пулеметы со скрипом задвигались, наводясь на цель.
– Бежим! – гаркнул Станислав. Уставное «отступаем!» никогда ему не нравилось: оптимизма в нем было больше, но и слогов – тоже. 
–Ольга Громыко, Космоэколухи

Guns began to move with difficulty, have reached the goal.
– Run! – Stanislav barked. Statutory “Retreat!” He had never liked: optimism there was more, but syllables – as well.
– Olga Gromyko, Kosmoekoluhi
(I blame Google Translate for the terrible translation.)

Layka, the Malinois Hero

Every week, I imagine a different breed of dog to get when I settle down, away from the deploying life of the Navy. This week it is the Malinois, the short-haired, Belgian version of the German Shepherd. A dog like Layka would be a dream:

Last month in early September, the Air Force’s 341st Training Squadron recognized MWD Layka for her heroic service in Afghanistan. They presented the dog “with a medal of heroism from the unit’s parent organization, the 37th Training Group” — a first for the TS.

3-year-old Belgian Malinois Layka

The barely 3-year-old Belgian Malinois was on a Special Ops mission in June when during a cordon search for explosives the young dog crossed paths with an insurgent. She was shot multiple times, taking hits to her leg and abdomen. The wounds were severe but the dog launched at and then detained her attacker-securing the safety of her handler and the other men behind them.

“She surprised the terrorist, who was waiting to lay down fire on the team. I heard from people on the mission that if Layka hadn’t reacted like she did, there was a potential for multiple casualties,” said Tech. Sgt. Joseph Null, the 341st TRS military working dogs adoptions coordinator.”

A canine hero, I wish her a long and fun life. With lots of romping. . .