Trotter, French Bulldog Hipster

Someone at my Navy command asked what a hipster is. And rather than describing their irony, I will allow Trotter the French Bulldog to portray his hipsterism:

Trotter, French Bulldog, hipster
Trotter, French Bulldog, hipster, Sonya Yu’s pal

Owner and Trotter’s photographer Sonya Yu said her little pup is simply a natural in front of the camera. “I think she has an inkling that she’s famous. People get very excited to meet her in person. It’s like they’re meeting a celebrity.”

Red Sonja Lives in Sonya Yu

Sonya Yu

Ah, San Francisco. One of my Navy bosses described it thusly: once a great city, forever lost.

When the local citizens arm themselves with bear spray and a wooden sword (a bokken), like what Sonya Yu did, I feel proud and sad. Proud for Sonya (you get’em, grrrrl!) and sad that someone was stealing her packages. Right around Christmas time. (The apprehended grinch was named Andy Anduha.)