Did a Car Company Just Email Me To Object to My Blogpost?

Last month, I blogged on the Smart Car. I said this then:

You are still toast in any serious accident. (Although for accidents in the Middle East and Greece, you are pita, rather than toast. Expect to be Nan in India.) The car is just too tiny to deal with a much larger vehicle. I drive a coupe and my car looks like an absolute monster in comparison.

I never expected to bring up the topic of Smart Cars again. Surprise! I received an unsolicited email from an exceedingly polite Smart employee from Germany. Have at it:


I just read your blog on the smart car (I am working at smart in Germany, so I am always interested in opinions of others on the car).

Please sind attached a link to a neutral video on youtube, showing a massive crash with the smart. It actualy is extremely stiff and much more stable than other, even bigger cars – due to a very sophisticated construction and special steels. That makes it, on the other hand, more expensive than some bigger cars…


However, the car is undoubtful tailored for the usage in dense city areas with lower driving speeds – I would also not like to crash with it on the highway into what so ever. But, in fact, I would not like to experience this with any kind of car :-)

Best regards,

I truly respect it whenever folks reach out and extend themselves. This individual certainly did. (Despite my snarky blogpost even. I said: their cars are cute like herpes!)

So I traveled over to OurTube and watched the video. Undoubtably Smart Cars are well put together. They appear to have higher quality interiors than vehicles of equal size and price. Unfortunately, they are still tiny. And no matter how rigid a frame is, the energy still needs to go somewhere. My fear remains that the force goes into the driver.

I won’t be buying one. But I do appreciate being contacted. If I ever find myself in the neighborhood of a Smart dealership, I may even get behind the wheel.

Note: I will not be re-enacting any scenes from the YouTube clip.