The Rolex Submariner

You have got to love Rolex and their advertising. Appealing to submariners by naming a watch after them is genius. Nevermind putting a naval officer in the advertisement:

If you shipped out on the Skate, the Shark, or the Nautilus, you’d recognize this face, Rolex submariner.

Wow, for 175 clams, I’ll take ten! (Please ignore the fact that his collar device is high and to the left. . . Which is only good if you are a pitcher facing a left-handed hitter.)

Female Martial Artists, Not to Be Trifled With

Last night, I ended the blogging extravaganza with the story of a Karate champ who came home from a chop-suey tournament to find an intruder in her home. Let’s continue with the theme of females in the martial arts. (Not to be confused with females in the marital arts. They usually are black belts at that particular discipline, guys.) Mariko Haugen, a taekwando black belt, was swimming in Maui when a shark got all up in her grill:

Mariko Haugen, Don Haugen

A 12-foot-long tiger shark messed with the wrong person.

Mariko Haugen, a taekwando black belt, was enjoying a swim in Maui, Hawaii, when she was confronted by the creature.

“She saw it a few seconds before it hit – and she gave it her best Tae Kwon Do black belt punch in the nose,” Don Haugen, Mariko’s husband, wrote on Facebook.

Haugen’s husband and another man saw the attack and helped carry her to safety.

She received more than 100 stitches to close wounds on her right hand and thigh.

Now back home in Folsom, Calif., Don Haugen told ABC News affiliate KXTV that he’s trying to put his wife’s misfortune, or fortune, depending on how one looks at it, into perspective.

I wonder what color Don’s chop-chop belt is. (I’ll bet I can guess the color of Don’s bathing suit, considering he was swimming near Mariko when the attack occurred.)