Cutting the Cheese in Rancho Sante Fe

Boska Cheeser
Boska Cheeser

If you are a cheese gourmet (which I’m most certainly not), may I suggest the Boska Holland Toastabags cheese slicer? We had one when I was little and it was highly effective at cutting the cheese.

If you watch this instructive YouTube video, you will see the Boska in action. I especially like how they take the thinly sliced cheese, put it in bread, then a wax baggie, and slip it into the toaster. Presto, grilled cheese!

Segway i2
Segway i2

Sticking to the cheese sandwich theme, I was in Rancho Sante Fe, at Caffe Positano recently. I was buying six coffees (not all for me), so the line built up as the lone barista worked her magic.

An impatient, pimply boy pushed behind me to the counter when I left and asked for those croissant ham and cheese things. Which sounds delicious and I don’t blame him for getting ’em. What did raise my eyebrows: (with his greasy sack of cheese sliders held tightly in his grip) he put on a bike helmet and stepped onto his Segway outside. Dude! At least ride your bike down to the java joint to get your mack on!

No Steak for Segway’s Dean Kamen

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 4.37.22 PMThe inventor of Segway, Dean Kamen, is working with Aspire Bariatrics in developing a new, innovative invention.

One small problem, if you use this contraption, you have gotta avoid eating cauliflower, broccoli, Chinese food, stir fry, snow peas, pretzels, chips and steak. I think I’ll be okay. Thanks, but no thanks, Dean. . . .

A Hollywood Hero and a Lawsuit Zero

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you’ll recall that I’m more jaded than a Hong Kong nicknack shop when it comes to Hollywood. The peacocky actors and actresses from H really get under my skin. Both layers, the dermis and the epidermis.

I lug around a mental list with two columns. Naughty or nice. And by nice, I mean pro-American. And supportive of the troops. Or if not, neutral towards both. That is not asking for a lot, is it? To merely abstain from announcing your opinion on our foreign policy, our military, our history. . .

And in the naughty category, I permanently marker in those clowns who think it cool, hip to run down this country. Do I gotta name names?

Gone is Jimmy Stewart’s generation. The Ronald Reagans. The Mickey Rooneys. When every star joined the military. Or tried to. But still, every now and then, an actor surprises me. Tonight’s super-hero is Batman. Christian Bale. I am afraid to do any serious routing around the internet, digging up facts on him. Lest I discover that he runs a hammer and sicklish t-shirt company. With cool, pre-perestroika designs.

Mr. Bale’s gesture is not an action he undertook in this country. Rather, he supported a Chinese dissident:

Christian Bale trying to visit Chen Guangcheng, CNN

Hollywood actor Christian Bale was roughed up by Chinese security guards as he attempted to visit a blind legal activist whose detention has sparked a domestic and international outcry. . .

. . . jostled by men in plainclothes from Dongshigu village in eastern Shandong province, where activist Chen Guangcheng has been under house arrest for 15 months. . .

. . .The fate of Chen, a self-schooled advocate who has campaigned against forced abortions, has become a test of wills, pitting the Communist Party’s crackdown on dissent against activists championing his cause and that of artist Ai Weiwei. . .

. . .Bale, who is in China for the premiere of his latest film “The Flowers of War,” approached the news network to try to meet Chen. They took an eight-hour car journey to Chen’s village from Beijing.

“This doesn’t come naturally to me,” Bale said to CNN. “But this was just a situation, I said, I can’t look the other way.”

Chen Guangcheng almost visted by Christian Bale in Linyi, China

Note to all the tools in the Occupy Wall Street toolbox, real suppression is not a game. Drop a deuce on a Beijing police-car and see where it gets you.

Today’s zero is not a movie star. Just some guy with a dumb lawsuit. Remember that lady who sued McDonald’s for the coffee that was too hot? This one falls into that category. John Ezzo was injured when he fell in a Segway accident. He was blindfolded at the time:

A Bridgeport jury has awarded $10 million to a 23-year-old man who suffered a brain injury in a Segway accident.

The jury on Wednesday determined that New Hampshire-based Segway Inc. and two employees were responsible for John Ezzo’s injuries in the accident, which happened at a company demonstration of its two-wheeled vehicle at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven in September 2009.

Ezzo’s lawyer, Robert Adelman, says his client was riding the Segway blindfolded and without a helmet. . .

Okay, so I am reading the article again and see he was riding a Segway on an obstacle course set up by the company when the accident occurred. But $10 million? No way.

Update: Hmm, a reader alerts me in the comments below that the McDonald’s caw-fee case is a more complex than one sentence would allow. . .