SGT Rafael Peralta for the Medal of Honor

Sgt. Rafael Peralta’s actions were reviewed by the SecNav and it has been recommended that he receive the Medal of Honor. This news should comfort the Peralta family, especially the Sergeant’s younger brother, Ricardo Peralta. The junior Peralta joined the Marine Corps shortly after his brother’s funeral. Semper Fi, Peraltas. . .

Special M1 Garand for Sale

I can’t look at an M1 Garand without thinking of my Drill Instructor yelling at us during rifle drill. My M1 at OCS had a trigger problem and no matter my tinkering, I could not get it to snap back perfectly. I’ll bet this beaut, awarded by the SecNav in 1997 to the winner of the All-Navy Match, has no such problems:

M1 Garand, a Navy Trophy Rifle awarded by the SecNav

This auction is for an M1 Garand in 30-06 Caliber that was awarded by the Secretary of the Navy to the winner of the “ALL NAVY MATCH” in 1997. The rifle was shipped to the winner from the the CRANE Naval Weapons Center. The documentation will be included, the documents are, the Shipping Document, the registered Mail Receipt and the Data Sheet. The rifle was manufactured by SSpring Field Armory in 1953, the barrel is marked SA 5-53. There is NBO trophy plate attached to the rifle, this was kept by the winner and never attached.

Current bid is $1,300, but the reserve has not been met.