Russian Akula Sub Off Our Coast

Russian Akula Sub

Didja’ hear that an Akula (a Russian nuclear-powered submarine) was loitering off of King’s Bay?

Here I was, posting silly stories on skydivers parachuting onto the base or CDR Mike Ward, the Skipper of the sub the USS Pittsburgh and his shenanigans. And all the time we had a Ruskie sub off our shores. This is distressing.

The Navy’s Sea Shadow


Our pals at the General Services Administration have got a deal for you. They are trying to shed one extra stealth boat. Buy the Sea Shadow and the GSA may go to Vegas to party:

The government is getting rid of the Navy’s experimental Sea Shadow stealth boat. And if you got the goods, this sweet ride could be yours.

But there’s a catch: you have to scrap the boat.

The 164-foot-long craft is up for auction by the General Services Administration and has a $10,000 minimum bid, that, as of noon Monday, had not been met. Act fast, the auction ends May 4 at 5 p.m. CST.

If you plunk down dough for the Sea Shadow, you also get the Hughes Mining Barge, which was originally built by the CIA to raise a sunken Russian sub.