Psyop-ing Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a charming site. A forum where newbs can ask questions and get mostly good answers from the opposite of themselves. Folks with good gouge. Unfortunately, the advice is not always perfect:

Q: What key differences between the Navy and Air force in regards to being an officer?

I am a senior in University, I am interested in joining either the Air force or navy, I have already examined benefits and life styles.I am interested in learning more about the process of going through OCS in the air force and navy. Are all OCS schools the same amongst all military branches?

A: i was in the military and i really just want to tell you please please dont do it. you dont know what they’re really trying to do. i know your little recruiter buddy wont tell you this but these people are bad. BAD. they will not inform you of things and they do things to break you down (more than i can explain here, not normal things) and they dont build you back up like they say they do. please understand i’ve been there and i know. please please dont go. you’re so much better than them. you’re not a slave. you’re a goddamn human being, and you have worth. please dont let them destroy you, because as soon as you sign that paper at meps, its over.

Heh heh. You are a g–d–n human being! The funny thing is that the answerer puts in her lousy response to dozens of questions. She hardly even changes it. Poor girl, she was destroyed by the military. By BAD people. . .