Aliali Ali Ali Speaks

In a CNN article on the Boston suspects’ mother discussing jihad, a reader by the name of Aliali Ali Ali has a pointed comment on the nature of Islam:

I am an ex-muslim and I know now much hatred the Quran spews, it is full of verses that urges muslims to kill and maim non believers with rewards that range from rivers of wine to virgins in heaven and the results of these teachings are obvious not only in Islamic societies being the most intolerent in the wolrd but also when you see that Muslims are constant part of all the major conflicts in the world in russia (chechnya) china (shengian province) India (Kashmir) pakistan afghanistan Nigeria Egypt….etc and when they can’t find other group to opress and kill they start killing each other look at Syria , these are facts not bigotry just check the Quran and the news to verify.

I may/may not agree with Mr. Ali, but I do like the recommendation to read the Koran. I have, parts in English and in Arabic, and it is a unique book.

A Radical Muslim in America

I am gratified Boston can finally gain some measure of peace after a tumultuous week. I won’t bother quoting what the Tsarnaev family said about their sons, but I did find these two tidbits interesting:

-Shocked family of All-American girl who converted to Islam to marry Boston bomber say tragedy proves ‘we never really knew him’: Tamerlan Tsarnaev was married to middle class college student Katherine Russell

-But you’re allowed to be a radical Muslim in America. You’re allowed to believe that the Qu’ran proscribes the most elegant set of laws. You’re allowed to believe that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. And you can say, in America, pretty much anything you want. Not everything, and after 9/11, a little less, but you can still make very unpopular arguments.

The first link is tragic. And the second, by Marc Ambinder, is asinine.

1 Billion Rising and the Qu’ran

When I lived in the Bay Area, I saw a fair number of protests. Most were ridiculous affairs and only served to annoy folks who were trying to get around town. (Folks probably refers to me, and folks of my ilk. I imagine some people liked ’em. But they were not per se folks. Take my word on it. I could provide links, but I’ll will spare your visual receptor nerves.)

Eve Ensler, the writer of the Vagina Monologues used this Valentine Day to stage an anti-rape dance/protest known as 1 Billion Rising. The self-righteous smugness of some of the protestors is as expected. Although, I agree with the idea that rape in all forms is unacceptable. But I think any sane person thinks this way too.

Take this dhimmi holding up a sign about the Qu’ran. Who spells it that way? Seriously. Why not Koran or Quran? Because this is the Bay Area and we must be culturally obsequious. And has she read the Koran? I have and it is not the book she thinks it is.

Eve Ensler's 1 Billion Rising, anti-rape protest in San Francisco
Eve Ensler’s 1 Billion Rising, anti-rape protest in San Francisco

If you look in the top corner of her sign, on the right side, you will see a clumsy attempt at writing the word allah (الله.) Her letters look weird and it reminds me of my first attempts at writing Arabic. The first four weeks of Arabic instruction at our military language school (DLI) is called scream and scribble. And scribble we did. (Although I never screamed, except in frustration.As for the poor lady and her sign, she is lost. I pity her and all these other folks.

We Condemn People Who Can’t Spell

I once had a neighbor named Holly Quran. Who knew that she would cause such a fuss:

We Condemn Burning of the Holly Quran

Female supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (Pakistan’s Movement for Justice) hold placard as they shout anti-U.S slogans during a demonstration in Karachi March 7, 2012. About 100 protesters gathered to condemn the February 21 burning of copies of the Quran.

The Holly Quran kerfuffle is still less perplexing than these clowns. Who are waving signs that were bought at a USA soccer match. Encouraging us to victory. Go America Go:

Jammat-e-Islami Protest, Go America Go? I agree!

Activists of Pakistan’s Islamic party Jammat-e-Islami hold up Korans and placards during an anti-US protest over the recent burning of Korans in Afghanistan, in Karachi on March 2. Pakistan’s upper house of parliament on Tuesday passed a unanimous resolution condemning the action.