Australian Conga Lines, Here Comes the US Navy!

I never quite got the hang of either conga lines or the bunny hop. Which foot do I put out and when? Can I just join mid-hop or do I need to wait until after the entire hop has completed?

The good news is that us Sailors will now be sharing pier-space with cruise ships when we go Down Under. I am super relieved. I was secretly considering attending some sort of 12-step group for my various conga issues. . .

Tourism lobby groups say moves to open Sydney’s Garden Island naval base to big cruise ships will help boost one of the city’s fast-growing industries.

During a speech at the New South Wales Labor conference this morning, Prime Minister Julia Gillard promised to expand the number of guaranteed berths at Garden Island (naval base) for visiting cruise ships which cannot fit under the Harbour Bridge. . .

The Queen Mary 2 edges into her berth at at the Garden Island naval base in 2009.

. . .The Tourism Transport Forum’s John Lee says a compromise has now been found for the expanding cruise industry.

“The Government has listened and therefore they are now going to amend those arrangements to allow those big ships … to actually access Garden Island for berthing purposes,” he said.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore says the announcement is great news for local businesses.

Holy hell, am I gonna conga the heck out of Garden Island Naval Base if I ever get Down Under! Put your right foot forward, Put your left foot out. . .

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