PSY’s Gentleman, Not a Gentleman

Let me be the first to say that Psy’s new hit after Gangnam Style, called Gentleman, is utterly terrible. It has something called the Arrogant Dance and it is indeed arrogant trash. Granted, I am not the intended listener.

PSY Gentleman, Arrogant Dance
PSY Gentleman, Arrogant Dance

He is talentless and, after his prior success, thinks he is actually onto something. Those ladies above are about to thrown into the pool behind them, which explains their ‘tude. Any charm he might have had in his first hit is lost in pelvic gyrations and nonsense. I’ll stop.

Eamonn Kilbride and Morgan Miller

Bode Miller's wife Morgan Miller
Morgan Miller

Eamonn Kilbride and Morgan Miller had a rough day. Mr. Kilbride, God bless his soul, passed away at the Thwaites brewery office party dancing PSY’s Gangnam Style. His wife, Julie Kilbride, was at his side at the Whitehall Country Club in Darwen, Lancashire where the event took place.

Keep the Kilbride’s last name in mind when you read this story about  Bode Miller and his wife Morgan Miller: Bode Miller had “just another one of those days” on the golf course. No, he didn’t miss a handful of birdie putts or lose a few balls in the woods — he crushed a ball at his wife’s face in what he is calling his “first major golf catastrophe.” His wife, Morgan Miller, tweeted on Wednesday night that the former skiing champ hit her above the eye with a “160 mph line drive.” Luckily, she was wearing sunglasses and only needed 50-plus stitches instead of a glass eye. The link is not quite NSFW, but it is close. It certainly is not suitable for the squeamish or the faint of stomach.

PSY Is a K-Pop Star

Would it make any sense to you if I said: PSY is a K-Pop star. No? Then let me translate: Park Jae-sang is a Korean pop star. And that is him below, sweating on the left:

Gangnam Style, PSY

His big song is Gangnam Style. And he is getting taken advantage of in his homeland, only to make money overseas. Imagine Michael Jackson, with horse-like moves, in the body of a Korean gangster. You can check (√) the foreign culture box for today. No more. Promise.