All Is Fair in Blogging and Jihad

Sohail Husain quotes English poet John Lyly in his article on jihad. All is fair in love and war. And then he goes on to deny jihad is a holy war. Um, Dr. Husain, you probably chose the wrong quote to try to convince us of that:

First, a clarification: The Arabic word “jihad” does not equate to the oxymoron “holy war.” Nothing is holy about war. Jihad is actually a constant inner struggle to be a better person. As a physician, for example, my jihad is to treat my patients in the most compassionate manner.

Flag of Jihad 1

Can jihad ever be used to justify war? Only in a very narrow sense: The fact is that throughout his lifetime, the founder of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, sought to avoid war. In the first 13 years of his ministry, he and his followers were persecuted in their hometown of Mecca for belief in the unity of God. Many of them were brutally tortured.

Ach, there we go with that My Jihad bit again. I don’t doubt that Dr. Husain is a good doctor considering his training. But he needs to tell the terrorists to stop using the j word. Telling us what it means does no good when we see evidence to the contrary.