Kiss You, One Direction

I had better ‘splain myself on this one, what with that disastrous title and all. In the bathroom game post, Kris had this comment: It’s always a matter of direction, isn’t it Navy One…k. And I thought a witty comeback would involve the British “boy band/trainwreck” called One Direction. So I googled them to add a link to my response. And a naval video of theirs came up called Kiss You. Be warned, it is horrible, talentless music.

One Direction - Kiss You
One Direction – Kiss You

But I’ll still share it with you because I think it a funny, naval response. To balance out this post, please enjoy this link to an Airman utterly failing at the Price is Right!

Al Roker, Commando

I generally pride myself on knowing all the prior military members on television. Guys like Drew Carey, of the Price Is Right, who served in the Marine Corps Reserve. Still, I was quite surprised to read that Al Roker was a commando. He revealed this little-known fact in a visit to the White House.