UC Irvine Volleyball and Minnesota Hockey

This link will take you to the top 100 college sports programs of the last year.  Statistician Kenneth Massey helped in the crunching of the teams. I have several quibbles with the rankings. Most notably:

8. UC Irvine, Mens volleyball, 26, 5, , 1, 1, 1.97, 26-5 and national champs

Carson Clark could have made big money playing volleyball overseas this year, but instead he stayed at Cal0-Irvine and led them to a 26-5 mark culminating with 22 kills to beat the USC Trojans for the national title.

Okay, I know complain about this often. But Calo-Irvine? Who the heck calls it that? UC Irvine is the preferred nomenclature. Dude, please.

And hockey as number one? C’mon on:

1, Minnesota, Hockey Women, 20, 0, , 7, 1, 2.56, off to 20-0 start trying to defend title

When you look at the 100 most profitable college sports programs, 99 are either football or basketball, and then there is Minnesota men’s hockey.  But it’s the women’s hockey team that is not the most dominant team in all of sports and the computer pick to win the Frozen Four.  With plenty of home-grown talent and Kelly Terry and Sarah Davis from Canada’s U-22 national team, the average score during the Gophers 20-0 start has been 5.7 to 0.6, and only five opponents have come within three goals of a tie.

I think the writer meant to write: But it’s the women’s hockey team that is the most dominant team in all of sports. How many college programs even have women’s hockey? Dude, please. . .