What to Send the Troops, What Not to Send the Troops

Every time I’ve deployed, I’ve enjoyed receiving care packages. The Girl Scouts sent us cookies (Cookies for the Military Program, Hugs for Soldiers, or Troops for Troops) when we were out in Qatar and I was able to thank one of my neighbors who came door-to-door in the States last year.

The Girl Scout was no more than ten and I told her and her mother: You guys are great, you sent us cookies in the Middle East! The girl’s eyes got all big and she turned to her mom. See, I told you, the mother said. They really do get there! 

All that said, what LT Lee Hartley received in his care package from his wife, Pam Hartley, is not all that enticing:

Pam Hartley, LT Verle Lee Hartley

“Unusual Suspects” looked at the bizarre story behind the death of US Navy Lieutenant Lee Hartley, who died mysteriously while serving. It turns out he was poisoned slowly over a long period of time, and his murder went unsolved for thirteen years.

Finally, an NCIS cold case unit confronted his widow, Pam Hartley, and she confessed to everything. Pam had poisoned her husband by sending him care packages, including baked goods laced with rat poison. She wanted out of her “miserable” marriage, but didn’t want to give up the status of being a Navy officer’s wife, so she decided to be a Navy officer’s widow.

Per this article, Pam says she didn’t want to hurt Lee with a divorce. How kind of her.