Remember That

Ship that launched the Osama Raid? It’s deploying again.

Writer, Salman Rushdie? He’s got himself some female problems.

Soldier and his new girlfriend? She’s an ornery sort.

Pesky problem called sea-sickness? You can spray it away!

Bug that got into your house? Imagine if it had been this fella, a Weta.

Television show 24? Afghani censors blur out objectionable anatomy.

Peaceful Occupy Seattle movement? They assaulted someone, again.

Genius who played professional sports? Me neither.

Great roommate you had? He had nothing on this guy.

Gun you wanted to buy? You were not alone.

Russian spy ring? The FBI says they were succeeding.

A bayonet is sharp? You say you punched a hole in your television?

Game Angry Birds? Apparently, it is addicting.

Large serving of Burger King Fries you ate? Try the new ones!

Thing called a Blog? This pro shares his wisdom acquired over 10 years.

Knock on your door at 0300 in the morning? The guy only needed a push.

Scourge known as elder abuse? Pam Anderson (below) engages in some.

Elder abuse: Pam Anderson kisses Bob Barker for Peta