Navy Salvages F-16

You might have missed the relevant details in all the acronyms of this press release by Phoenix International, but the Navy assisted the Air Force in recovering one of its planes:

Phoenix International Holdings, Inc. (Phoenix) announces the successful underwater search and recovery of a U.S. Air Force F-16 aircraft from over 16,400 feet of sea water (fsw). In early August 2012, at the direction of the Naval Sea Systems Command’s Director of Ocean Engineering, Supervisor of Salvage and Diving (SUPSALV), Phoenix mobilized the Navy’s ORION deepwater side scan sonar system, the CURV 21 remotely operated vehicle (ROV), and the Navy’s motion compensated, 30,000 pound Fly-Away Deep Ocean Salvage System (FADOSS)

Go to the press release for more details. . .

P-8A Poseidon and Friends

I love how Strategy Page titles this photo P-8A Poseidon and Friends.
Although, in reality, it is true:

A U.S. Navy unmanned aerial vehicle, two P-3C Orions and the Navy’s newest patrol aircraft, a P-8A Poseidon, are on display outside hangar 117 at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. The Maritime Patrol Association celebrated 50 years of P-3 Naval Aviation and the beginning of a new generation with the P-8A Poseidon during the 2nd annual Heritage Symposium.