Alyssa Can Say Anything Backwards?

Being a Navy linguist, I sometimes hear mangled English and think the person is speaking another language. And I engage that part of my brain. Trying to translate what they are saying. I have heard English, imagined it was French, and tried to translate. And then I felt so sheepish that I mentally sheared myself. In my mind, I was bald for weeks.

Alyssa from Poteau Oklahoma

Alyssa, an Oklahoma girl from Poteau, has mastered the art of saying things backwards. And her video, uploaded by 77Kittycole on YouTube, is going viral. Alysaa should be a Navy linguist so talented is she at her skill:

In the video making its way across the Internet today, Alyssa reveals her special skill to the world: She can say any word backwards in less than three seconds.

It sounds like gibberish. When the people who are tasked with fact checking the Internet weighed in and aired the video of Alyssa talking backwards backwards, it still sounded like gibberish.

But we are believers nonetheless, no exorcism required. We can only hope that college admission committees accept video applications.

Okay Ally, here is a phrase I need you to translate: sreggolb ohw era ni eht yvaN era elbayojne ot daer. If you don’t want to be a Navy linguist, how about working for the IRS? Have you ever read those forms?

Update: Alyssa Kramer was on the Today show this morning.