Go Chow at the Gun Feed

The Gun FeedIf you have some extra time on your hands and you are pre-disposed towards weapons and news about them, you really should go to the Gun Feed. It’s a site set up like the Drudge Report, but it is entirely based on guns. The top story, on the Tavor X95, is fascinating. And they have all the right advertisers: Glock, the NRA, Wilson Combat, Ruger. Somewhere, buried deep within its exalted pages, is a link to this blog. I have no idea which blogpost is generating the traffic, I just hope it is not this one.

Joining the NRA

I’ve been thinking for some time about joining the NRA. A friend at work is a lifetime member and if I piggyback off his membership (I’m not entirely sure how it works), I can get a lifetime membership for three hundred bucks. Why would I join now, especially when I don’t own a gun and am about to deploy to a foreign country? Well for starters, stories like what happened to eighth-grader Jared Marcum at Logan Middle School motivate me. Jared was suspended and briefly jailed for wearing a pro-NRA T-shirt. Jailed. . .

The Cuomo, an AR-15 Magazine

The Cuomo, AR-15 Magazine
Cuomo AR-15 Mag

Defense Distributed’s Cody WIlson is currently testing a printed magazine for your AR-15 rifle, known (tongue-in-cheek) as the Cuomo. I wonder how the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo feels about having this kind of gear named after him. Considering that he just barred ammunition magazines that hold more than seven rounds. Of which, the NRA said: Cuomo seized the opportunity to exploit tragedy and put his own personal politics ahead of sound public policy. I agree, the Governor is a Cuomoist.

JAGs with Guns

First Lt. Crystal J. Sokoff, a judge advocate for Marine Corps Installations West and captain of the Camp Pendleton Shooting Team, adjusts her rifle sling during the National Rifle Association (NRA) match at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, Calif.