“They haven’t gone away you know!”

12/3/09 Gerry Adams, President Sinn Fein at GovernSinn Fein leader Gerry Adams arrested over murder of widowed mother-of-ten abducted in front of her children by the IRA in 1972, who was then taken to a remote beach where she was executed and buried. Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams was sensationally arrested last night over the murder of a widowed mother of ten who was abducted from her home during the Troubles more than 40 years ago. 

The 65-year-old, who for decades has dodged difficult questions about his alleged terrorist past, was detained overnight by detectives investigating the murder of Jean McConville – abducted and killed by the Provisional IRA in 1972 and later buried on a beach in the Republic of Ireland. She is one of Northern Ireland’s Disappeared – those who were abducted, were consequently executed and secretly buried by republicans during the Troubles. Witnesses to her abduction claimed she had gone to the aid of a wounded British soldier, shot by the IRA. His arrest – confirmed by police and Sinn Fein – could jeopardise peace in Ulster, with hardline Republicans said to be already plotting major atrocities. More Here  Gerry Adams arrested and questioned over the 1972 murder of Jean McConville, a mother of ten children.

Of interest to those whose knowledge of ‘the troubles’ may  be limited? ‘Gerard “Gerry” Adams is an Irish republican politician, president of the Sinn Féin political party, and the Teachta Dála (equivalent of terms such as “Member of Parliament”) for Louth, Ireland-since the 2011 general election. Adams has stated repeatedly that he has never been a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA.) However, authors such as Ed Moloney, Peter Taylor, Mark Urban and historian Richard English have all named Adams as part of the IRA leadership since the 1970s.Balot box and armalite Adams has denied Moloney’s claims, calling them “libellous” (yet never followed up his claim?) At a dinner for his Fine Gael party on 29 September 2012, Taoiseach (the Head of the Irish Government) Enda Kenny accused Adams of having not only been a member of the IRA, but a member of the Army Council, calling for Adams to “be absolutely truthful about this” in response to Adams’ calls for a truth and reconciliation commission in Northern Ireland. article-2617599-1D7F54C400000578-681_634x428Today the son of murdered Jean McConville said ‘I know who it was!’ He will not tell police who was responsible because he fears he and his family will also be shot dead. Mr McConville then 11-years-old, saw a gang of masked IRA terrorists smash down the door of his family’s West Belfast home and drag away his screaming mother as he and his siblings clung to her legs. 120524010532-n-ireland-3-horizontal-galleryToday, more than 40 years later, he has revealed he has always known who her killers were but was himself kidnapped and beaten by the IRA as a child and is too frightened to speak out. ‘I know who did it. If we tell we will be shot’: Son of mother-of-ten abducted and killed by IRA reveals he was threatened and brutally beaten to keep quiet 

It now hoped that Adams’ true past history; and that of those associated with the illegal brutal kangaroo court executions will now be revealed. Tony B’liar and his government of the day should also face the consequences of their ‘behind closed door deals’ with the terrorist organisations of Northern Ireland. The thousands of innocents who were murdered, maimed, and suffered through the actions of terrorists on both sides deserve a voice and a platform to be heard from. ‘They too haven’t gone away you know!’                        Yours Aye.

Quote: Gerry Adams referring to the IRA “They haven’t gone away you know.” Adams was addressing a demonstration in Belfast in August 1995, when a member of crowd called out to him to “bring back the IRA”. In an unscripted reply Adams made this remark.

Electric Fences and a Royal Marine Boot Louie

Please be careful with fences that are rigged with electricity. They can be mighty painful, as Ex Bootneck recounts here:

On a long range rural (dark hours patrol) across the water in Northern Ireland many years ago; my young Boss (a 2nd Lieutenant straight out of the box) deemed it necessary to call a halt as he required a water leak! This did not bode well as every marine in the patrol would have taken a ‘service’ tactical leak at the last stop (laying in a prone fire position one would simply unzip and discharge into the ground, without any fuss).

The 18 man patrol went to ground tactically taking cover behind a dry stone wall, which was only 200 feet away from a well known border crossing in bandit country. I was not a happy hector as it was the worst place possible to call a halt, but a nervous pee has no respect for rank!

There was suddenly a panicked shout (almost a scream), which pierced the cold dead night; It was followed immediately by a marine who voiced his discontent. I slowly moved towards my ‘Boss’ and advised him to zip up and move to the rear, my controlled anger hardly withheld in it’s tone. I assumed control and headed the patrol up to high ground where we settled around the inner edge of a forest. I secured the patrol and headed towards ‘young sir’ to offer strong advice through a gypsies whisper.

It transpired that ‘young sir’ had unzipped and pointed ‘percy’ at the dry stone wall and whilst in full flow had made contact with a live wire cattle fence, his startled reaction was to scream and pull sharp right where upon a young Marine took the brunt of the force~hence the muffled voice of discontent.

Electric Fence

‘Young sir’ was hence forth known as ‘swampy’ by one and all. He actually turned out to be a very good Royal Marines Officer, and went on to serve the Corps through a short 12 year distinguished career.

Whoops young sir, I mean, Swampy. . .