The Killing Was Justified

Justified, Timothy Olyphant

Not just yeah, but hell yeah: Justified’s back!

If you like your Westerns modern and your crooks shay-dee, Justified’s the show for you.

If you enjoy dialogue in every caliber, justa as’long as it kills somethin’, Justified’s the show for you.

If you don’t know what I am talkin’ about, Justified, Season Three, starts tonight:

When FX’s Justified returns tonight with its season 3 premiere, Timothy Olyphant’s Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens will be uncharacteristically a bit off his game. “It can only continue for so long, because I have to continue to live,” Olyphant says. “I think it was more or less the idea that we’re starting with a guy who’s just got a lot of things up against him: He’s recovering from a gunshot wound, he’s got a pregnant girlfriend who he used to be married to. He’s got a lot on his mind.”

There are lots of new characters slinkin’ ’round this season. Ima shiverin’ in my Tony Lamas:

The introduction of Robert Quarles, the Detroit mobster played by Neal McDonough: He arrives in the premiere to get the Dixie Mafia back on track — and sees a business opportunity that will keep him in town.

The appearance of Ellstin Limehouse, the hill-country badman played by Mykelti Williamson, in episode 2: He rules Noble’s Holler.

I’ll stop my crowing, but this is a hell of a show. Not too violent, not too nice. Real. Fun.