Maxing Out with Princess Maxima

Anyone named Princess Maxima is okay in my book. (A picture of the maxed-out one with her navally husband, Prince Willem-Alexander) The Princess, the former Maxima Zorreguieta, will soon be Queen of her country and her husband King. A whispered rumor is that they two went dutch on their first date. (Be careful, don’t call her Nissan. It irks her.)

This Is My Beach!

Can you drive your car into the ocean? Maybe, provided the beach was yours and not Cherry Beach. And you had a car that could go underwater and not a Nissan Maxima:

A distraught man who was driving erratically in a beach parking lot and plowed his car into the ocean was not hurt Friday, authorities said. Long Beach Lifeguards and police were called to the beach near Junipero Avenue and Ocean Boulevard.

A distraught man yelling “This is my beach” drove erratically in a parking lot and then plowed his car into the ocean Friday, authorities said.

The man, whose name was not released because he is being held for psychological observation, wasn’t hurt, authorities said.

Long Beach lifeguards and police were called to Cherry Beach, near Junipero Avenue and Ocean Boulevard, about 3:30 p.m., said Fire Capt. Rich Brandt.