Get Into the Nigerian Navy, Now!

Nigerian Navy

Good news, a forum that offers advice on how to get into the Nigerian Navy has surfaced. You can go here and ask all those burning questions you have been saving up:

-Hey fellas, just got information that the Nigerian Navy is recruiting for graduates to serve as officers.forms are selling for N1,000 at all navy installations nationwide.submission ends august 11.hnd and degree holders only,male and female.age between 25-35.full details on Guardian newspaper tuesday 18th july. goodluck,
whatever u do, dont stage a coup in ten years time!!!

-how much do they pay does anybody know, and what are the benefits?

-Its not about money, its about serving your country, taking your ships your aircraft carriers and your submarines to protect Nigeria not how much they pay!

-yea right who do you think I want to work for Salvation Army? I need Money

-all the people i have informed do not buy the idea. they claim the job security there is almost like a prison.

-If the ability to swim is not compulsory, then the Nigerian Navy is a complete joke. There are no two ways about it.  It is not only a sign of incompetence for a Naval officer to be a landlubber, the Nigerian Navy itself directly endangers the lives of all those sent out to sea without proper training. Naval personnel that cannot swim. What a ridiculous notion. Anyway, it’s Nigeria so why should anyone be surprised?

Ha ha, I did not mean to enjoy myself quite as much as I did reading these gripes.