Eric Kettani: Shipmate. Football Player. Artist?

Eric Kettani, SWOAcademy grad Eric Kettani was granted early release from his active-duty Navy obligations. Unlike some other unnamed athlete-officers, he took a deployment as an afloat Surface Warfare Officer (SWO.)

He has played for the New England Patriots; and this season, he is rumbling for the Redskins. His bio:

Played Fullback at the United States Naval Academy from 05′ – 09′. Invited to NFL Combine and Under Armour Senior Bowl. Served as a Surface Warfare Officer with a deployment overseas under his belt. Signed with the NE Patriots in 2009 and currently on the Washington Redskins.

I like the guy. At least he deployed prior to getting an early release. What I am not a big fan of is abstract art. And our Shipmate, Eric, is a budding Picasso:

Eric Kettani, Decade of Dominance
Eric Kettani, Decade of Dominance

It is better than some other third-grade, million-dollar messes I have seen. . .