Uh Oh, What’s Sons of Guns Up To?

‘Tis Friday the 19th and that means that Sons of Guns is back with season four. And today’s episode brought a WWII PIAT, a Russian cannon and a M36 tank:

The show — which centers on Red Jacket Firearms, a custom gun-making company in Louisiana — is set to return at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Friday, April 19.

Stephanie Ford, Will Hayden, Charlie, Kris, and Flem from Sons of Guns
Stephanie Ford, Will Hayden, Charlie, Kris, and Flem from Sons of Guns.

Will Hayden, his daughter Stephanie, Joe, Kris,Charlie, Flem and the rest of Red Jacket staff are returning for season four, which will see the crew handling major firepower, including a rare handheld WWII PIAT, a Russian cannon and a M36 tank.

Meanwhile, Vince, a former employee, resurfaces, and his reappearance as a possible competitor could spell trouble for Red Jacket. The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive look at the premiere.

Sons of Guns and other shows including History’s Top Shot and National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers came under scrutiny in the wake of the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn., in December.

A similarly themed series on Discovery, American Guns, was canceled months earlier, mostly because of its ratings performance.

Do we really have to talk about Newtown? Can we not have a day go by without mentioning this tragedy? Tens of thousands of people die each year in car accidents, why not exploit this?

Bill Stevens of Newtown on Gun Control

If you watch one video today, please I am begging you, watch Bill Stevens of Newtown talk about prying my ability to protect my Victoria from my cold, dead hands. (Another money line: Lockdown is not an option at the Stevens’ residence.) His constitutional stance on gun control is truly encouraging.