Morale Boosters?

You could fill a book on all the shenanigans folks did to people who were disrespectful to them. Like this:

We had a first sergeant who was out to get everyone. She singlehandedly ruined morale in the squadron within about 6 months of being there. She was so bad that out commander managed to give her away to a different squadron without even caring about getting a replacement. AFter she was gone to the other squadron she deployed. When she got back she knew that everyone at finance hated her. She came into and used her rank to file her voucher with the NCOIC of customer service. While he was gone to lunch a few of us decided that it was very important to scan and send her voucher to Ellsworth. It just needed a quick detour. One person ran it halfway through the shredder then back it out. Another made a copy of that mangled document and lit it on fire then let about half of it burn. After that was over another person accidentally spilled coffee on it. Once all that was complete the voucher was sent to the processing center. Needless to say it was rejected because it was not readable.

I’ve never done stuff like this, but then again, I also always am respectful. . .