Navy Working Uniform – NWU

Alright Shipmates, today I shall swaddle myself in the Navy’s finest camouflage for the first time. Our new uniform goes by the glamorous moniker Navy Working Uniform. For our collegiate friends, NorthWestern University will now have to share its catchy handle. . .

I have alternatively heard NWUs called: blueberries, smurfs, or Malaysian urban camouflage. Word on the street (and docks) is that it turns red on contact with salt water. No joke, that is actual scuttlebutt. Of course, we would not want to fall overboard and blend in with the ocean, would we?

Additional RUMINT reporting at the JO level indicates that a certain SEAL commander will not wear it. You heard it here first. (Senior Navy leadership: sorry, I have not learned the whole straying-off-the-reservation concept. Well, actually I have not learned the whole straying-back-onto-the-reservation-after-I-initially-strayed-off concept. One of these days.)

NavyOne, swaddled in Malaysia’s urbanest camo, out.