Brian Rice, Navy Sailor

Brian Rice, Geneva University
Brian Rice

I love this, that Brian Rice spent 24.5 years in the Navy as an IT Senior Chief (ITCS) and now he is playing college basketball at NCAA Division III Geneva College Golden Tornadoes.

I am guessing Brian is a Senior Chief, because High-Year-Tenure, HYT, for a Chief is 24 years. And he did more time than that. Of course, he could’ve been a Master Chief, but writers usually would think to include that. Still, getting to Senior Chief is a heckuva career. Go Golden Tomatoes Tornadoes! (Dayum, now what is that all about? I throw down a nice write-up ’bout the Senior Chief and now I gotta do his team like that. I’ll go extra hard in tomorrow’s zero five (0500) pt. I owe the Golden Tornadoes that much!)

Dennis the Menace, Navy Sailor

You remember those Navy Chow posters I posted on earlier? The ones that advised Sailors not to get too much food? Guess whose signature popped on one? Look at the bottom corner of the poster:

Hank Ketcham, Navy Sailor, Dennis the Menace cartoon creator

Hank Ketcham, the Dennis the Menace creator was a Navy Sailor! In the Reserves:

Ketcham started in the business as an animator for Walter Lantz and eventually Walt Disney, where he worked on FantasiaBambi and Pinocchio. During World War II, Ketcham was a photographic specialist with the US Navy Reserve. Also while in the Navy he began a camp newspaper strip. Half Hitch, which ran in The Saturday Evening Post beginning in 1943.

I wonder if Dennis was modeled after a Sailor he knew. I could think of several.

Railgun or Kitty?

Tell me, do you see a railgun going off or a kitten in this picture:

BAE Rail Gun or White Kitten?

This weapon could one day revolutionize warfare.

It’s a new version of the railgun, and it packs an earth-shattering, hypersonic punch.

In the past, railguns have been high-tech but massive beasts that looked like only the largest naval ships could handle one. With continued testing and experimentation, that’s starting to change.

You don’t see a kitty in that picture? I don’t even see a gun! I see this:

Or maybe even this:

Are you even listening?

Or am I boring you?

And you’ve had your fill?

Then you must confess that you see a white kitty in the first picture.
I can keep at this all night. . .