Java Security Flaw Fix

Java Security Flaw Fix(Disclaimer: I do not condone what I am about to recount.)

My Navy recruiter told me of a story where his Chief pissed him off (and punished him) for a petty violation that was not his fault. So the then-Seaman squirted WD-40 into the Chief’s coffee and gave him a burning case of the barnyard dash. (Where you run to the nearest head. Latrine for you ground doggies.)

My thoughts on the matter, a good java security posture should fix this issue. Although I am talking about a totally ‘nother type of java security than what Oracle did for Java, fixing its security flaws. Moral of the story: watch your java. . .

The US Navy Arm Bars Bar Refeali

Generally supermodels are know for slim arms and delicate features. But Bar Refeali breaks out of that mold with her massive biceps and bulging forearms. I got a Navy recruiter friend she should call:

Bar Refaeli posted an un-Photoshopped body shot
Bar Refaeli posted an un-Photoshopped body shot

Popeye the Sailorman is really Bar Refeali the Sailor Girl. . .