It Pays to be a Winner

Second place doesn’t count for much, especially in certain fields like pistol dueling and comedy. I can’t say I’ve ever dueled someone, but I have dropped a punchline and it really hurts when I’m second (or ninth.) Get this:

Me: Sonali? Hmmm, that is an interesting name.
Grocery girl: It is Indian. My mother is from India.
Me: Ah, what does it mean?
Grocery girl: Golden.
Me: Roger, I was a Navy linguist. I always keep an eye on Hindi as something that would be fun to learn.
Grocery girl: I love languages. I spent three months in Togo. I’m an archaeology major and I keep thinking about minoring in linguistics.
Me: Togo? Isn’t that a sandwich shop?
Grocery girl: (Making a face) That is what my brother said!

Comedy, it’s not for amateurs. . .

Kristy Lee and the Anonymous Shooter

I love highlighting heroes and I gotta hand it to singer Kristy Lee Cook; her song, Airborne Ranger Infantryis melodic. (Although, would it have killed her to throw the Navy a bone? Like how about Tough Navy Linguist or Surprisingly Muscular Naval Cryptologist?) And while we are chatting heroes, we probably should tip our hat (cover) to the anonymous woman who shot Lawrence Sandoval. That pos tried to rape a woman at knifepoint. Guess he did not expect she was packing. Enjoy being worm food, Larry. . .