Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year, the Tesla S

Motor Trend has never* had an unanimous Car of the Year before. That is, before now. The Tesla S was voted the Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year:

Tesla S, Motor Trend Car of the Year

In a move sure to shock the auto world, Motor Trend has named a startup company’s electric vehicle as its coveted Car of the Year.

What’s more, it wasn’t even close: Motor Trend says it was first time time “in memory” that every judge agreed that the Tesla Model S should take top honors. In order to win for 2013, the Tesla had to beat competition like the new Porsche Boxster, BMW 3-series, Lexus GS, and Subaru BRZ.

While the auto world is awash in awards, Motor Trend’s nod is one of the most closely watched, along with the North American Car of the Year. The magazine didn’t hold back its praise for the Tesla sedan.

The car company is owned by the CEO of SpaceX (the rocket-launching firm), Elon Musk. At $57K, the auto is certainly more affordable than some of the other electric super-cars on the market. I’ve not always been a fan of the green car companies, especially the ones that take taxpayer money. Maybe Tesla will change my mind.

*Never in memory, as the article states. Perhaps it has happened before.

Hey, You Reading Warships?

Car nuts read Motor Trend, Tweeners read Tiger Beat, college students read, um, nevermind. As for naval warriors, we read Warships, International Fleet Review:

Since its foundation in 1998 WARSHIPS IFR has evolved to the world’s leading and only ‘high street’ naval news monthly magazine. WARSHIPS IFR is read, not only by professionals, but also by those with a general interest in naval affairs.

Although, I must confess I almost bought the October Tiger Beat magazine. Will Taylor Swift marry Conor Kennedy? She is a pop star, why marry into such a lowly family? (Note: link is not Tiger Beat magazine, but some low-class rag named Vanity Fair. I have to keep some of my guilty pleasures to myself. You gotta earn a Tiiga’ Beat link. Maybe next week.)